Keeping track of your transactions for your taxes is about to get a whole lot easier.

Sycamore Tax provides tooling to generate files of your Cosmos activity. We support CSV’s compatible with taxsoftware such as, accointing, koinly, and turbotax. We also support generating the IRS form 8949 that you can hand directly to your CPA.

Some specific features:

  • Taxable data for Osmosis Liquidity pool bonding/unbonding and rewards (including superfluid staking)

  • Tracking of swap fees for liquidity pool swap transactions

  • Tracking of arbitrage related capital gains (on Osmosis DEX)

  • Accointing and TurboTax compatible CSVs with Osmosis specific data (as above)

  • REST APIs (middleware) for retrieving data (as above)

  • Project Name: Sycamore Tax

  • Client: Defiant Labs.

  • Project Start Date: May 01, 2022

  • Project Completion Date: October 01, 2022

  • Project url: (website coming soon)

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